Get-to-know your fellow crawler:::Kelly

You can call me ... Kelly and I've been crawling for 6 years.

My drink of choice is ... Lemon Drop!

The absolutely best thing about The 12 Bars of Christmas ... SO many things are the best part of 12 Bars! Seeing everyone from the crawls you met from the previous year, raising money for awesome causes and dressing up!

Yes ... I've been to all 12 bars

Been there, done that: here's my advice for new crawlers ... Take it slow. Get a good meal in before you start and may I suggest grab some beers at the first few before hitting the hard liquor. If you're saying Kelly! Captain Diets are all I drink! Well then I say double fist it! One hand your cocktail, the other a glass of water!

My favorite Christmas song is obviously ... Rockin around the Christmas Tree

You can see my best dance moves when this tune is on ... Anything [by] Lady Gaga.


Hey! Look! We have a blog . . .

Happy 10th Anniversary to The 12 Bars of Christmas!

It is that wonderful time of year again when the folks at The 12 Foundation kick off working on The 12 Bars of Christmas. This year the event is on Friday, December 12th in Downtown Minneapolis! As always, it will be a wonderful night of fun with friends built around the central idea of doing good for our community.

Social Hour at Sisyphus Brewing

Join us at Sisyphus for a Social Hour on Wednesday, November 5th from 6-8pm! During this time, you can enjoy some delicious brews, mingle with fellow crawlers and have the opportunity to purchase & walk away with your early-bird priced 12 Bars of Christmas shirt. Quantities & sizes will be limited; so be sure to RSVP ASAP

Sisyphus Brewing is also kind enough to offer to donate $1/beer purchased during our social hour to The 12 Foundation! So drink up for a cause while preparing to drink up on December 12th at The 12 Bars of Christmas!

Again, RSVP ASAP & check out Sisyphus Brewing!

We all selfie, even if we don't like to admit it - so why not selfie for a cause?

Dig out any past years 12 Bars of Christmas shirt you have in the closet and wear it with pride in a selfie wherever, whenever you wear it! Do you wear it to a concert like Kelly? Sleep in it? Work out in it? Walk the dog in it? Whatever you do in it, selfie it & hashtag it #WhereIsYour12Bars on your favorite social media platform. If you can, please tag us in the picture as well so we can get our repost, sharing and retweet on as soon as our little human fingers can make it happen.

Give us a piece of your mind.

We have a quick survey that we want you to fill out! We would like to feature as many of you as we can on our website & social media in a spotlight focused on getting-to-know your fellow crawlers. All you have to do is fill out the survey and email a selfie (heeeeey #WhereIsYour12Bars selfies!) to us and we will be posting some of you wonderfully beautiful people up!